Kitten-Proofing Your Home

kitten2Just like you have to child proof your home when your baby starts to move around you have to do the same with a kitten or cat. When you bring a new kitten home at 7 weeks or more it’s like starting with a two year old child. A kitten is just like a toddler. Kittens like to try new things and get into everything they can get their paws into. They like to climb, crawl into things and investigate. So, even though you may have bought them toys, you may find them more intrigued with things they should not get into or even touch. This is why kitten/cat proofing if extremely important. It’s also an issue of safety.

The same way a kitten will go for a piece of yarn you dangle down at them when you play with him or her , they will also go for blind chords, electric chords and wires thinking of them the same way. All these things have to be safely out of a new kittens reach to ensure no accidents occur. It is suggested by the experts that before your bring your kitten home you get on the floor and look around as they would to see the potential dangers that attract them. This way you can remove them or relocate them out of kittens reach for safety purposes.

Everything from Christmas tree tinsel, rubber bands, buttons, beads, needles, safety pins to small removable pieces of a toy can choke a kitten to death. Likewise the bell on his little collar if not secure becomes a toy when it falls off that can choke kitten also. Sharps things pose threats as well. For instance the twists on plastic bags if ingested can perforate kittens intestines causing death.

Just like house hold cleaners which are chemicals and medicines have to be put safely out of a small child’s reach; the same goes for a kitten. And don’t think because you put them in a cupboard or cabinet they are safe. Kittens and cats are smart and work diligently to pull open cabinets and cupboards with their paws. It is recommended that safety locks are put on the ones that kittens and cats can reach to avoid disaster. The same goes for appliances. Make sure your washer, driers, refrigerators and freezers are not closed on kitten or with kitten accidentally inside. So do not leave those doors opened either.

There have been kitten fatalities because someone forgot to look to make sure kitten wasn’t in a washing machine, dryer or under foot of a closing refrigerator door.

Plants can also be toxic to a kitten so if you have any plants check the lists that are available on line or ask your vet or pet store which ones are safe to have and which ones aren’t when it comes to kitten. A happy kitten and pet owner is one that has a safe and happy environment for kitten that you don’t have to worry for kittens safety in.

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